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A Podcast about the Past, Present, and Future

About the podcast

The podcast History Is Not the Past first appeared in summer 2020 with eleven episodes linked in a digital assembly. The project was realized as part of the exhibition Tell me about yesterday tomorrow (Nov. 27, 2019 to Oct. 18, 2020). Further episodes are planned.

In the episodes broadcast to date we talked about and reflected on the past, on current issues, and on future scenarios. Experts from the fields of scholarship, journalism, art, and culture debated historical and current topics spanning the interaction between history and society. What role does the past play in our life as a society today? How does remembrance help to create a just, post-migration society based on solidarity? Looking back at the past is essential for shaping our democracy, for without remembrance there can be no future.  

Most of the episodes were broadcast in German.


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Episodes available in English

Episode 2: Global developments

New York Times Journalist Roger Cohen und Mirjam Zadoff werfen einen Blick auf die globale Verschiebung politischer Diskurse durch Populismus, emotionale Mobilisierung und Vernetzung rechtsextremer Bewegungen, aber diskutieren auch über neue Formen von Solidarität und die Chance transnationaler, kollektiver Erinnerungen.

Episode 9: Monument Lab – The role of public art in representing society

Die Künstler Ken Lum und Paul Farber sprechen über Kunst im öffentlichen Raum, die ihnen im Kontext ihrer Initiative monument lab in Philadelphia als Ausgangspunkt dient, gesellschaftliche Repräsentation zu hinterfragen und kollektiv mitzugestalten.