Frequently Asked Questions

When is nsdoku open?

The Documentation Center is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 7pm. Entrance is free of charge.  It is also open on public holidays, including those that fall on a Monday.  

How can I buy a ticket?

Entrance to our exhibitions is free of charge. You don’t need to buy a ticket or book in advance.

Should I register a group visit in advance?

Yes. We ask groups of more than twenty people to register in advance. We recommend that groups visit between 2.30 and 7pm, since there are usually fewer visitors during these hours.

Are there special programs for groups?

We offer a variety of programs for groups. To find out which one is best for your group, please call us on +49 (0)89 233 67007 or send an e-mail to:

From what age is a visit to nsdoku recommended?

Some sections of our exhibition Munich and National Socialism address topics such as war and violence and contain images that may be disturbing. We offer a free media guide specially designed for young people from the age of fourteen that introduces them to the topic of National Socialism in an age-appropriate manner. There is also a family media guide designed for parents to visit together with children over the age of ten. This guide omits the sections of the exhibition that contain images of violence. You can also book tours and other educational programs for groups of children and young people.

Do you offer public tours of the exhibitions?

We offer regular public tours of our exhibitions. Please consult our events calendar to find out when these are.

I’m in possession of Nazi-era documents, photographs, or other objects. Can I give these to nsdoku?

If you have documents, photographs, or other objects that you would like to give to the Documentation Center, please send an e-mail to giving a short description of them and explaining their origin. Please include photos or scans.

Is there Wi-Fi at nsdoku?

Open Wi-Fi “visitors” is available all over the building.

Is there parking at nsdoku?

The Documentation Center does not have its own visitors’ car park or parking for coaches. The public parking facilities nearby are subject to charges. We therefore recommend that you come by public transportation. Coaches may stop on Königsplatz to let passengers on or off.

Can I take photos in the exhibition?

You can take photos in the exhibition but only for personal use. If you wish to take photos or to film for commercial or reporting purposes, you must obtain written permission in advance. Please contact:

Are dogs allowed in the exhibitions?

Visitors to the Munich Documentation Center are permitted to bring a trained assistance dog. Other dogs are not officially allowed. If, however, your dog is quiet and well behaved, does not bother other visitors or employees in any way and is on a leash or in a transport bag, we won’t object if you bring it in. If you do bring a dog, please tell the staff at the information desk in the foyer. Thank you for your understanding that we cannot allow a visit with a dog if there is a large number of visitors. This is at the discretion of our staff.

Do I need to register for events or buy tickets?

Our events are generally free of charge and accessible without prior registration. In some exceptional cases—concerts, for example—tickets will be issued. Our calendar specifies which events you need to register or buy a ticket for.  

I would like to find out more about a member of my family during the Nazi era. Where can I research that?

The Documentation Center is not an archive and does not hold files or original documents. Our research tips point you toward archives and institutions suitable for doing research about individual or family history.

Can I rent a room for an event at nsdoku?

The Documentation Center does not rent out rooms. The only events that take place there are those that we have initiated and organized ourselves or that are part of joint projects with other cooperation partners or event organizers.