Materializing. Contemporary Art and the Shoah in Poland Exhibition

Oct. 20, 2023 to Feb. 25, 2024

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More Important than Life Exhibition

The Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto
June 29, 2023 to Jan.7, 2024

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Munich and National Socialism Exhibition

Historical permanent exhibition

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About nsdoku

As the place where the Nazi Party (NSDAP) was founded, Munich is more closely associated with the rise of National Socialism than any other city. The Munich Documentation Center, located on the site where the “Brown House”—the former Nazi Party headquarters—once stood, is dedicated to addressing the city’s troubled past. Our exhibitions, events, projects, and educational programs tell the story of National Socialism from a present and future perspective. We seek to set the historical experience of the Nazi dictatorship in a current global context.

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Crossing Borders

The workshop on December 13 & 14, 2023 brings together academics and artists discussing memory and history of the Shoah in Poland.

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The Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto

Scroll through the impressive eye-witness testimonies from the so-called Ringelblum Archive: these tell the story of the lives and deaths of people in the Warsaw Ghetto.

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TO BE SEEN. queer lives 1900–1950

The catalog is a collection of texts and artworks from the exhibition as well as essays by important contributors on queer lives in the past and present as seen from a scientific and social perspective.

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Online-Storytelling TO BE SEEN

Our online storytelling provides a look inside the stories of LGBTQI+ in Germany in the first half of the twentieth century. Here you can scroll through their stories!

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Forced Abroad. Journal of a Forced Laborer

In January 1945 a 19-year-old Dutchman was deported to Munich. An interactive visual novel tells his story based on the journal he kept during his time as a forced laborer.

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Schwarz. Deutsch. Weiblich.

Warum Feminismus mehr als Geschlechtergerechtigkeit fordern muss

Learning Center and Library

Our Learning Center has four interactive media tables and twenty-two research terminals where you can find out more about the history of National Socialism and research selected topics in depth. The Library contains a large selection of publications devoted to the history of the Nazi period and its aftermath.

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nsdoku digital

Apart from our exhibitions, there are also other ways of finding out about the Nazi era in Munich. The app Sites in Mind takes you to 120 places in Munich and environs that have a connection with Nazi history.  The digital history project Departure Neuaubing: European Histories of Forced Labor tells the story of Nazi forced labor as a story with threads leading all over Europe. 

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Our publications

The publications of the Munich Documentation Center examine historical topics from various perspectives and relate them to current societal developments.

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