The word “Learning Center” is written in five different languages on the glass door leading to the Learning Center

The Learning Center, 2017 | © NS-Dokumentationszentrum München, photo: Connolly Weber Photography

Our Learning Center

Our Learning Center offers analogue and digital resources. Here you can do research on the Nazi era and find out more detailed information on selected topics.

About the Learning Center

The Learning Center is a place of information and remembrance open to all visitors. It can be used by individuals, school classes, students, or any other kind of group.  

Visitors have access to two large digital media tables, 24 touch screen terminals, and a reference library containing more than 3,000 volumes. In the display cases you can see some of the books in the Library of Burned Books from the collection of Georg P. Salzmann.

If you would like use the Learning Center as a group you can register here. We also offer a research workshop for groups in the Learning Center.


Opening hours
Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 7pm

Entrance free of charge

Further information on your visit
Registration for groups

Digital research

The research terminals allow all the texts, images, documents, and media in the exhibition Munich and National Socialism to be accessed in digital form. We also offer more in-depth information on individual topics. In interviews, contemporary witnesses from Munich talk about their experiences of persecution, thus providing a very personal insight into life in Munich before 1945.

A digital lexicon containing more than 900 articles by historians about various topics, places, and people offers a variety of options for individual research and provides a wealth of scholarly information in compact and understandable form. The lexicon can also be accessed on-line.

At one of the terminals you can access the Memory Loops project conceived by the artist Michaela Melián (in German only). Memory Loops is a collage of voices and music comprised of 300 soundtracks that serves as a virtual memorial to the victims of National Socialism.

A row of 24 touch screen terminals in front of a glass wall.
A young man with headphones sitting at one of the touch screen terminals.

Our library

If you’re interested in the Nazi era in Munich and Bavaria and would like to do some in-depth research, our library is the place to go

Learn more about the library