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If you would like to arrange a group visit to our exhibitions, there are a number of options you can book here. They range from guided tours and workshops to webinars and conversations with contemporary witnesses. They are designed for a variety of target groups and offer a wide range of topics.

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Guided tour

Munich and National Socialism

An overview tour

This tour will give you an overview of Munich’s Nazi past and show you how the city has dealt with this legacy since 1945.

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What remains?

Dealing with Munich’s Nazi past

In this seminar we will find out what remains of the Nazi past. What is left of the monumental buildings and the camps? And what about Nazi ideas, with their racism and antisemitism?

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Guided tour

Forced Labor in Munich

We will visit the former forced labor camp in Neuaubing. This is one of the few places in Germany where former forced labor camp buildings have been preserved.

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From Munich to Dachau

At the Munich Documentation Center and at the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site we will find out more about former prisoners.

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Visit our exhibitions without booking a tour

If you would like to visit our exhibitions as a group without booking a tour, then please let us know in advance. We will try to make your visit as smooth and trouble-free as possible.

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You can also use our free media guide. Please bring your own Smartphone and headphones.

Information on our educational work

Digital offerings


Sites in Mind

Using historical images and source material the app guides you to 120 places in Munich and surroundings that have a direct connection with Nazi history.

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Can I bring my own guide with me for my group (licensed tour)?

Only guides trained and certified by us are allowed to lead tours of our exhibitions. We thank you for your understanding.

From what age is the exhibition suitable for children?

Some sections of our exhibition Munich and National Socialism address topics such as war and violence and contain images that may be disturbing. We offer a free media guide specially designed for young people from the age of fourteen that introduces them to the topic of National Socialism in an age-appropriate manner. There is also a family media guide designed for parents to visit together with children over the age of ten. This guide omits the sections of the exhibition that contain images of violence. You can also book tours and other educational programs for groups of children and young people.

When can I book a guided tour?

We offer regular tours and seminars Tuesdays to Sundays between 10 am and 7 pm. School classes can book tours on weekdays from 8.30 am onwards.

How long in advance do I need to book a group tour?

Please give us at least 14 days’ notice. This will give us time to organize your group tour. If you request a tour at shorter notice, we will do our best to facilitate it.

Do I need to prepare my class for a visit or to evaluate it afterwards?

You don’t need to do any special preparation for your class to participate in our educational program. If you let us know when you book your visit whether your class has any special needs, our guides can adapt the content and language to fit your group.

Do you offer public tours of the exhibitions?

We offer regular public tours of our exhibitions. Please consult our events calendar to find out when these are.

Should I register a group visit in advance?

Yes. We ask groups of more than twenty people to register in advance. We recommend that groups visit between 2.30 and 7pm, since there are usually fewer visitors during these hours.

How can I book an educational program for my group?

Subject to availability you can book an educational program for your group at a time of your choice. For information on the topics addressed in the different programs and on how to book please visit our tour and seminar section.

Can I book a tour that focuses on a particular topic?

We already offer a number of tours with different focuses. Please let us know if you have special wishes regarding topics or if your group has special needs and we will try to take account of these.

In which languages do you offer tours?

Subject to availability we offer tours in German, English, French, and Italian. Other languages are available on request.

In which languages do you offer seminars and workshops?

We offer seminars and workshops in German. Workshops can be adapted for other languages on request.

Is there material that my group can work on during their visit?

If your group would like to learn about the content of the exhibitions in more detail, we recommend that you book a tour with us. Media guides designed for different age and target groups are also available free of charge at the Documentation Center. Your group can also learn more about the topics addressed in the exhibition Munich and National Socialism at our terminals in the Learning Center. Our app Sites in Mind also provides a guide to places in and around Munich that are connected with Nazi history. Our webapp Departure Neuaubing is dedicated to the topic of forced labor.  

Can I visit the Munich Documentation Center without booking a tour?

You can visit the Documentation Center during opening hours without booking a tour. If you intend to visit with a group of more than 10 people, please let us know in advance.