House Rules

In accordance with Section 4 of the Statutes on the Use of the Munich Documentation Center in conjunction with Section 52, Clause 2 of the Bavarian Municipal Code and Section 35, Sentence 2 of the Bavarian Administrative Procedure Act, the following house rules are issued for the Munich Documentation Center.

The following regulations apply in all rooms and buildings and on all sites of the Munich Documentation Center of the City of Munich. They serve in particular to ensure the safety of visitors and to protect the building, the outdoor areas, and the exhibition and other objects contained in or on them.

In this context, please note that the Munich Documentation Center is also under video surveillance for this purpose.

(1) The house rules are binding for all visitors to the Munich Documentation Center. Entering the premises of the Munich Documentation Center constitutes acceptance of the regulations listed in the house rules.  

(2) Anyone may visit the Munich Documentation Center during opening hours and within the framework of the Statutes on the Use of the Munich Documentation Center in the currently applicable version. This does not apply to persons who are clearly under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances. In the event of overcrowding or for other justified reasons, the Munich Documentation Center may be closed to visitors in whole or in part.

(3) Visitors must behave in such a way that
    • no other persons are obstructed or bothered,
    • no works of art or furnishings are endangered, damaged, or destroyed,
    • they do not endanger safety or the free democratic basic order.

(4) Escape routes, passages, emergency exits, and stairs must be kept clear. The marked escape routes must be used in case of danger. Misuse of safety devices (e.g. emergency call button, escape door release, etc.) is prohibited.

(5) Telephone calls are not permitted in the exhibition rooms.

(6) Children under the age of six may enter the rooms of the Munich Documentation Center only if accompanied by an adult. The legal guardians or the supervising escort are liable for damage caused by unsupervised children/young people, as stipulated by the legal provisions.

(7) Photography for private purposes is generally permitted in the exhibition rooms, provided that the rights of third parties are not affected. Privacy rights —for example, of visitors— must be respected. The use of flash, tripods, and selfie sticks is prohibited. Photography for commercial, research, or journalistic purposes is permitted only with the prior written consent of the Munich Documentation Center.

(8) Filming may take place only with the prior written consent of the Munich Documentation Center.

(9) It is generally not permitted to touch the exhibits, nor is it permitted to wield objects in the immediate vicinity that are likely to cause damage to the exhibition objects. Visitors will be held liable for any damage caused by their behavior, as stipulated by the legal provisions.

(10) Animals may not be taken into the building. Guide dogs and assistance dogs are exempt from this regulation.

(11) The consumption of food and beverages outside the cafeteria area is generally not permitted.

(12) Smoking is prohibited throughout the building.

(13) Only Munich Documentation Center employees or persons commissioned by the Munich Documentation Center are permitted to conduct guided tours of the exhibitions or other educational facilities in the Munich Documentation Center.

(14) Advertising and the distribution of flyers, handbills and the like is generally not permitted. Exceptions require prior written permission from the Munich Documentation Center.

(15) Please hand in any objects found in the Munich Documentation Center at the information desk.

(16) Borrowed media devices (e.g. media guides, group guidance systems) must be returned immediately after visiting the respective exhibition or event. They may not be removed from the Munich Documentation Center premises.

(17) It is generally not permitted to bring umbrellas, sticks, or larger containers of any kind (e.g. backpacks, bags, briefcases) into the exhibition rooms. In cases of doubt, the supervisory staff will decide whether an item can be brought into the exhibition. Lockers are available in the Munich Documentation Center for the storage of the aforementioned items as well as coats, jackets, etc. The lockers must be emptied before the Documentation Center closes. The Munich Documentation Center reserves the right after closing time to clear any lockers that have not been emptied. Unclaimed items will be treated as lost property. Visitors are fully liable for any loss of locker keys. The Munich Documentation Center will generally not open the locker until the Documentation Center has closed. The Munich Documentation Center accepts no liability for valuables deposited in the cloakroom or the locker area. 

(18) The management, represented by the Munich Documentation Center staff, will enforce the house rules. The supervisory staff are instructed to ensure that the house rules are observed. The instructions of the supervisory staff must be followed. If the house rules or the instructions of the supervisory staff are not observed, the persons concerned may be asked to leave the building and/or the grounds of the Munich Documentation Center.

(19) Serious violations of the house rules may result in an immediate ban on entering the premises. Such violations include, in particular, bringing in and consuming illegal drugs, consuming alcohol outside the catering areas, bringing in weapons or other dangerous objects, threatening to use or actually using physical violence, wilful damage to property, theft, rampaging, insulting or offending other people, dirtying the rooms, buildings, or outdoor areas, begging.

(20) The house rules will come into force on the day after they are announced. They will also be published on the website of the Munich Documentation Center.