HistorioGRAPHICS: Framing the Past in Comics International Conference

15. to 17. June 2023

HistorioGRAPHICS: Framing the Past in Comics sets out to critically assess the current state of research on graphic narrative as means of writing – and drawing – history and of examining, representing, and engaging with the past. The comprehensive conference program promises to generate fruitful insights for the transdisciplinary discourses on comics as part of public and academic history. We aim to facilitate exchange among researchers, artists, and educators.

In 22 panels on a range of topics, from Indigenous history and representations of the Holocaust to legal history, legacies of colonialism, and many more, the international line-up of scholars will discuss historioGRAPHICS from multiple disciplinary and professional perspectives. We look forward to a keynote lecture by Prof. Dr. Hillary L. Chute (Northeastern University) on Thursday June 15, a podium conversation with artist Barbara Yelin (Munich) and Prof. Dr. Charlotte Schallié (University of Victoria) on Friday June 16, as well as a practical comics workshop with artist Sheree Domingo (Berlin) on Saturday June 17. 

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