Our historical permanent exhibition Munich and National Socialism documents the origins, the impact, and the consequences of National Socialism up to the present day. Temporary exhibitions and interventions offer current and international perspectives and focus on certain aspects. Our formats can be artistic or participatory.

Departure Neuaubing.
European Histories of Forced Labor

Digital History Project

Departure Neuaubing is a digital exhibition project on the history of Nazi forced labor and its continuing impact today. Departure Neuaubing is a digital history project developed by the Munich Documentation Center as an interactive and interdisciplinary web app that tells the story of Nazi-era forced labor as a story with threads leading all over Europe.

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Munich and National Socialism


Where did National Socialism and its ideology come from? How did Adolf Hitler come to power and why did democracy fail? What led to racial and social exclusion, war, and mass murder? The exhibition examines the origins and rise of National Socialism in Munich and the city’s special role in the Nazi regime of terror. It also addresses the city’s difficulties in dealing with this history since 1945 and the impact the past still has today.

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Other projects


Memory Loops

Memory Loops is a collage of voices and music consisting of 300 audio tracks by the Munich-based artist Michaela Melián. It is a virtual memorial to the victims of Nazism.

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